a trade magazine in a sentence

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  1. Cohn is also a columnist for Computerworld, a trade magazine.
  2. _Tragic news from ResponseTV, a trade magazine that tracks the exciting world of infomercials.
  3. Williams'leave was reported in Investment Dealers'Digest, a trade magazine.
  4. Amsterdam-based PCM Uitgevers publishes four national newspapers, as well as trade magazines and educational publications.
  5. It s a trade magazine with crossover cachet and an institution with controversial clout ."
  6. It's difficult to find a trade magazine in a sentence.
  7. Dorsey also owned for a short time a trade magazine called " The Bandstand ".
  8. Computerworld is a trade magazine based in Framingham, Massachusetts, and published by International Data Group.
  9. In 1993, Steinfeld read an article in a trade magazine about the World Wide Web.
  10. In 1936 he joined a trade magazine, the " Anglo-Russian Trade Gazette ", as editor.
  11. Lauderdale-based PPI Group as a trade magazine, but changed format to a consumer magazine in 1996.
  12. The Texas probe was first reported by an on-line edition of Information Week, a trade magazine.
  13. One day after reading a trade magazine, Kipp decided to buy a terrier and show it.
  14. Trojan began advertising condoms in 1927 through an ad placed in a trade magazine for pharmacists.
  15. Mellon was ranked the nation's fifth-biggest pension manager in July by Institutional Investor, a trade magazine.
  16. Is it such a big deal, the loss of what was, after all, a trade magazine?
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