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  1. It all adds up to an Ireland that " feels like it's an equal to the rest of Europe, " said Francis Costello, a trade consultant who was a top aide to former Boston mayor Raymond L . Flynn and to former US representative Joseph P . Kennedy II.
  2. "Most of the state's foreign trade programs have been cobbled together over the years without a coherent organizational strategy and without much regard for the kind of services the private sector would really like to see the state provide, " said Jock O'Connell, a trade consultant and economic policy analyst based in Davis, Calif.
  3. "There's no place else I know of in the world where people from both communities in Northern Ireland come on a regular basis for ideas, for financial support for their projects, and for academic and intellectual pursuits, " said Francis Costello, a former aide to US Representative Joseph Kennedy 2d and ex-Mayor Raymond Flynn who acts as a trade consultant for the city of Belfast.
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