a tracts in a sentence

"a tracts" in Chinese  
  1. A tract of Pinchot State Forest is in the stream's watershed.
  2. The latest acquisition was a tract where Union troops stopped the Confederate advance.
  3. Drainage from a tract of wetland also flows into the lake.
  4. The resort was built on a tract of land owned by the Wiermans.
  5. "It's hard to find a tract ( like this ) in California ."
  6. It's difficult to find a tracts in a sentence.
  7. A few state laws require the creation of a tract index.
  8. And yes, occasionally it turns into a tract, though it is never heavy-handed.
  9. A tract advocating tie registering of title-deeds is attributed to him.
  10. Near that place, Holden found a tract with good springs and pine trees.
  11. The constitution took a tract from the Bible as their guide.
  12. Marcus Huling once gained a tract of land on Limestone Run.
  13. Construction officially started with groundbreaking ceremonies on 1 September 1941 on a tract.
  14. But " The Reader " is a story, not a tract.
  15. His last scientific labor was a tract on the Hawaiian language.
  16. Instead, a Tract is chanted, usually with texts from the Psalms.
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