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  1. The book mortal engines starts with a traction town of London chasing a town called Salt-Hook.
  2. Each axle was equipped with a traction motor with the advantage of small Super Frelon helicopters.
  3. Thomas splints were contrived from bamboo, extension cord from plaited palm leaves with stones as traction weights.
  4. He then sustained a traction injury to the long thoracic nerve in his right shoulder during rehab.
  5. This may be a reference to Teddy Boston, who had himself saved a traction engine from scrap.
  6. It's difficult to find a traction in a sentence.
  7. In addition, the 2001 model year introduced a Traction Control System ( TCS ) to the Viggen.
  8. This maximum force is known as traction.
  9. After a traction reshuffle the Class 325s resumed service with their power cars and without locomotive haulage.
  10. There's a traction control system available, front and rear air conditioning, and a new smooth operating transmission.
  11. Two step reductor was used as a power transmission from a traction motor to the leading wheel pair.
  12. A traction engine would arrive at the site with the body, and would position it below the gantries.
  13. The 2011 GT4 also comes with the option of a traction control system and a Bosch ABS system.
  14. His left foot, peeking out from under the sheet, rested against a traction bar attached to the bed.
  15. Gadhafi's left foot, peeking out from under the sheet, rested against a traction bar attached to the bed.
  16. It is not a traction control system however, and can only maximize traction rather than prevent wheel spin.
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