a racketeer in a sentence

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  1. Like the other " Big Four " securities, Yamaichi is under investigation for alleged illegal payoffs to a racketeer.
  2. They called me a racketeer because I walked restaurant owners to a night deposit box so they wouldn't get robbed.
  3. Eddie falls into the hands of a crooked trainer, " Honest John " Miller, who works for a racketeer, Sloane.
  4. Nazerman learns that Rodriguez ( Peters ), a racketeer who uses the pawnshop as a front, makes his money through prostitution.
  5. Tokyo stock prices fell Wednesday as a scandal involving illegal payments to a racketeer spread to another of Japan's top brokerages.
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  7. Executives of both Nomura Securities Co . and Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank already have been arrested for alleged payoffs to a racketeer.
  8. Koike is a " sokaiya, " a racketeer who blackmails companies or takes payoffs for not disrupting their annual shareholders meetings.
  9. Nomura announced last month two managing directors illegally funneled trading profits to a client linked by the media to a racketeer.
  10. "This letter is a letter from a racketeer to a businessmen, " said Boris Nemtsov, a senior legislator close to Potanin.
  11. Ginger and Dixie are two process servers, who serve legal papers to a playboy, a racketeer, a wrestler and a singer.
  12. Koike, 54, is a " sokaiya, " a racketeer who threatens to divulge embarrassing information about companies or disrupt their annual meetings.
  13. Yamaichi, the smallest of Japan's Big Four brokerages, is under investigation for $ 680, 000 it allegedly paid a racketeer in 1995.
  14. The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission yesterday said Nomura, Japan's largest brokerage, and three executives illegally compensated a racketeer for trading losses.
  15. Tokyo stock prices fell Wednesday as investigators raided a major brokerage linked to a spreading scandal over illegal payments to a racketeer.
  16. Brokerages also declined amid concern more of them could be implicated in a scandal at Nomura Securities over payoffs to a racketeer.
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