a racket in a sentence

"a racket" in Chinese  
  1. The ball soars, making a racket like the space shuttle on takeoff.
  2. A racket with an electric current to stiffen the frame was also developed.
  3. A service winner that Huber could barely get a racket on ended it.
  4. Everything was moving and making such a racket, " said Hanada.
  5. He'll be doing it with a racket in hand, though.
  6. It's difficult to find a racket in a sentence.
  7. Marat say I throw a racket just like him,
  8. Collectively, these games are known as racket sports.
  9. Poach wields a racket-like weapon which she swings to battle foes.
  10. The balance point and grip size of a racket changed as technology progressed.
  11. His second design was a racket for Jimmy Connors.
  12. Between films, Denny overheard a racket next door and went to investigate.
  13. She makes her point without making a racket.
  14. If at all possible, experts recommend trying a racket before you buy it.
  15. "Everyone went out and bought a racket, " he said.
  16. It was easy for him to pick up a racket and just start playing.
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