a quote in a sentence

  1. The NPR piece is a quote from an anonymous Democratic consultant.
  2. Would I just quote the wikipedia reference in a quote box?
  3. That court s opinion on this as quoted by Sasegbon reads:
  4. I guess " as of " could be in a quote.
  5. In The Adventures of Tintin, there is a quote box.
  6. It's difficult to find a quote in a sentence.
  7. The title is taken from a quote by Honor?de Balzac.
  8. A fourth time selected the next two paragraphs and a quote.
  9. A quote from Schumacher on his retirement would also be good.
  10. Arisa would read a quote from one of five evicted HouseGuests.
  11. As quoted in Genealogy of the Fitch Family, page 11.
  12. Another editor said the submission was no good without a quote.
  13. Now I'm going to be a quote machine ."
  14. It had a quoted range of 45 to 60 miles between recharges.
  15. If a quote sounds too high or too low, ask why.
  16. Hank Ballard is a quote-a-minute man.
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