a quote in a sentence

  1. She has completely fabricated a quote and attributed it to me.
  2. The following is a quote that pretty much speaks for itself:
  3. The King James Version follows this meaning, as quoted above.
  4. Do you think I should include a quote in the text?
  5. In fact, the novels opens with a quote from Borellus.
  6. It's difficult to find a quote in a sentence.
  7. In one case it's a quote from a book.
  8. It is a quoted company that trades on the AIM market.
  9. :Note 104 does not cite any text after a quote.
  10. These articles consist of a one sentence summary and a quote.
  11. It picks a quote based on the day of the year.
  12. The title is a quote from the Ancient Roman poet Ovid.
  13. It concerns a quoted passage from LaRouche's 1979 autobiography.
  14. Here is a quote of the material that is not included:
  15. But are you people trying to say I doctored a quote?
  16. Adding a quote for clarity does not qualify as a revert.
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