a filter meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a filter" in a sentence
  • a滤光镜
  • filter:    n. 1.滤器,滤纸,过滤用料[砂、 ...
  • by filter:    按照事件过滤器选择
  • the filter:    滤波器
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  1. Use a filter funnel and paper to filter the mixture of copper sulphate, sand and water into a second jar .
  2. In drainage of agricultural lands, a filter or gravel envelope is used to prevent the entrance of fine sand and silt into the drains .
  3. Earlier in this chapter we introduced the concept of impulse response as the output of a filter whose input is a simple spike .
  4. The scanning of the film by the photometer in the spacial domain is equivalent to the operation of a filter on a signal flowing through it in the time domain .
  5. Creates a filter string for the file dialog box

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