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  • 令人头痛的事情
  • big:    adj. 1.大,巨大;大规模的;已 ...
  • headache:    头痛;头痛的事 (cause [gi ...
  • i had a big headache:    我的头疼的厉害
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  1. It is a big headache for parents to prepare meals that are to the little emperors ' taste
  2. It was a terrible flight . i got a big headache first , and airsickness afterward
    (那真是一次很糟的飞行航程。我先是头痛得很厉害,之后又晕机。 )
  3. Against the background of the bank reform , the tremendous npl problem of the state - owned banks is still a big headache which blocks the development of the banks
  4. As a result , my friend and i seem to have become “ enemies of the people ” and “ culprits ” by causing the government a big headache and putting national survival in jeopardy
    于是我们似乎都成为了人民“公敌” 、政府最感头痛的目标、国家可能无法生存的“罪魁祸首” 。
  5. Officials considered tham krabok a big headache , saying it was a haven for drug dealing and a center for armed resistance to the lao government , with which thailand has good relations

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