a bad hair day in a sentence

  1. Positive Response Television had a bad hair day.
  2. The perfect antidote to a bad hair day.
  3. After all, he says, bald men never have a bad hair day.
  4. For a lot of Washington football players, Tuesday was a bad hair day.
  5. "I think I'm having a bad hair day,"
  6. It's difficult to find a bad hair day in a sentence.
  7. He must be having a bad hair day.
  8. "It's a bad hair day, " he said.
  9. She never has a bad hair day and is happy-go-lucky.
  10. "It's been a bad hair day, " he said.
  11. Must have been a bad hair day.
  12. She was having a bad hair day.
  13. The only problem with this doll is that every day is a bad hair day.
  14. For most women, a bad hair day is more common than a good one.
  15. And his comical military crewcut makes him look like Grace Jones on a bad hair day.
  16. Shandling had, in 1991, complained to a magazine about having a bad hair day.
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