a bad cold in a sentence

"a bad cold" in Chinese  
  1. Everybody virtually gets over a bad cold unless they develop a serious complication like pneumonia.
  2. Broderick begins, his voice hoarse from a bad cold.
  3. He dreamed up the Cybiko while recovering from a bad cold at a Moscow hospital.
  4. He thought maybe he just had a bad cold.
  5. Aides said he had a bad cold, and his wife, Naina, said he needs a rest.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad cold in a sentence.
  7. Instead of leaving, he holed up in a Tokyo hotel, claiming to have a bad cold.
  8. The knee was OK, but a bad cold had Allison operating at less than 100 percent.
  9. It will not recognize someone if the person has a bad cold or asthma, she says.
  10. Yeltsin is on vacation in northwest Russia after falling ill in December with a bad cold.
  11. Her health deteriorated after a bad cold six years ago, and had been bedridden since then.
  12. Yeltsin, who had heart bypass surgery in 1996, was hospitalized last month with a bad cold.
  13. And fortunately, relatively few people who contract a bad cold or flu end up with pneumonia.
  14. He also had a bad cold; several times, he took a handkerchief and wiped his nose.
  15. Ullrich started this Tour with a bad cold and had to be sniffling after Friday's disastrous developments.
  16. Journalists who regularly cover Khamenei said he had a bad cold but the ailment was not serious.
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