a bad cold in a sentence

"a bad cold" in Chinese  
  1. Afterward, Crenshaw, who has a bad cold, jokingly asked for an ambulance.
  2. A child experiencing denasality may sound like they have a bad cold.
  3. Terrell Brandon, playing with a bad cold, led Cleveland with 26 points.
  4. Dosedel, on antibiotics due to a bad cold, said after the match.
  5. Hawks center Dikembe Mutombo sat out the game with a bad cold.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad cold in a sentence.
  7. If the securities industry gets the sniffles, downtown gets a bad cold.
  8. She recently caught a bad cold twice and her training is sporadic.
  9. Your condition could have been caused by a bad cold or nasal polyps.
  10. Tom's death began with a bad cold he caught while abroad on vacation.
  11. He played through a bad cold and injuries to his shoulder and face.
  12. But I had a bad cold, I was surprised I won,
  13. Bad economic news is like a bad cold : It is highly contagious.
  14. Stumpel played with a bad cold on Thursday . . ..
  15. I didn't speak a word of French, and I had a bad cold.
  16. Blazer did not attend the meeting because of a bad cold, Blatter said.
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