a bad break in a sentence

  1. It's a bad break ."
  2. Banks got a bad break when Phillips went bust on the Rams last fall.
  3. This is a bad break for the Republicans,
  4. It was a bad break on that goal,
  5. I mean, it wasn't like a bad break here or there.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad break in a sentence.
  7. I told Victor the only thing that could beat us is a bad break,
  8. "It's a bad break.
  9. The horse on the inside took us outside _ I got a bad break,
  10. Three eagles and he got a bad break.
  11. It's just a bad break.
  12. That was a bad break for Miami.
  13. The Cardinals even got a bad break in their interconference games against AFC East foes.
  14. I just got lucky to get second place when my teammate had a bad break.
  15. It was a bad break after another.
  16. A bad break for the Huntington?
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