a bad book in a sentence

  1. Conversely, Daniel Lin on Daniel's Corner Unlimited gave it a mixed review stating that, " " Toll the Hounds is my least favourite book in this series, but it is not a bad book.
  2. I am not saying that " Travels Through the Twentieth Century " is a bad book; I am saying that it bears all the marks of journalese, the stable in which it was born.
  3. His life was notable enough that a 400 page book about his life was published 160 years after he died . ( It is not a bad book either, I'm half way through it .)
  4. The work did not display Butterfield's later detestation of the form of the historical novel; later on, moreover, he referred to the arguments in his first publication in disparaging terms, arguing that it was'a bad book '.
  5. "That's a bad book, you know, " he later told Nat Hentoff, who was interviewing him for a profile in The New Yorker that was later expanded into the 1988 biography " John Cardinal O'Connor " ( Scribners ).
  6. It's difficult to find a bad book in a sentence.
  7. William Rubin ( former director of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York ), for example, would not give me permission to quote him at length _ he said he had heard it was a bad book.
  8. Michael Dirda, of The Washington Post, wrote that " by no means a bad book, " The Swerve " simply sets its intellectual bar too low, complacently relying on commonplaces in its historical sections and never engaging in an imaginative or idiosyncratic way ".
  9. During the " Goldhagen Controversy " of 1996, J鋍kel was a leading critic of Daniel Goldhagen, and wrote a very hostile book review in the " Die Zeit " newspaper in May 1996 that called " Hitler's Willing Executioners " " simply a bad book ".
  10. During the " Goldhagen Controversy " of 1996, Kershaw took the view that his friend, Hans Mommsen, had " destroyed " Daniel Goldhagen's arguments about a culture of " eliminationist antisemitism " in Germany during their frequent debates on German TV . Kershaw wrote that he agreed with Eberhard J鋍kel's assessment that " Hitler's Willing Executioners " was " simply a bad book ".
  11. Macleod used government papers in breach of the " Robert Blake wrote in his review in " The Times " ( 26 November 1961 ) that  when national security is at stake one does not judge a statesman by his successes at slum clearance Macleod later told Alan Watkins ( in "  Brief Lives " 1982 )  It was a bad book.
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