a bad book in a sentence

  1. He thought it was a bad book and asked Ed Neumeier to tell him the story because he couldn't read it.
  2. That doesn't make it a bad book, but it can hurt it when stacked up against some of the other great entires ."
  3. "When they don't get on the ` Today'show, you don't tell them it's because it was a bad book, " the publisher said.
  4. "The Last of the Mohicans " of a few years back was based on a bad book and was actually improved by Hollywood tinkering.
  5. "He was in total despair about ` Big Trouble .'He was in despair about the choice of his topic and creating a bad book.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad book in a sentence.
  7. Being banned was just about the best thing that could happen to a bad book, as with the immortal turkey " Forever Amber ."
  8. Lester del Rey described it simply as " a bad book, " marked more by routine social commentary than by scientific insight or extrapolation.
  9. "Betty Bacall is a bright Jewish girl from New York _ she wasn't going to write a bad book, " he told the Paris Review.
  10. Bradley and Culbertson handle the tedium of camping, giving us time to fish, hike or sit on a boulder with a bad book and a good merlot.
  11. Robert Silva said that " " Wayne of Gotham " is not a bad book ", he said that the novel was not the story he was expecting.
  12. Now, that's not to say " Barefoot Contessa Parties " _ on best-seller lists since it hit the book stands a few weeks ago _ is a bad book.
  13. In a similar vein, Amy Hackett and Sarah Pomeroy, in " Feminist Studies ", wrote, " Unfortunately, " The First Sex " is a bad book, as we shall demonstrate.
  14. The writer didn't have an easy life, and some of his books turned out better than others, but Higgins never wrote a bad book, or probably even a bad sentence.
  15. Eberhard J鋍kel wrote a very hostile book review in the " Die Zeit " newspaper in May 1996 that called " Hitler's Willing Executioners " " simply a bad book ".
  16. If a cultivated and literate person starts to read what he " thinks " is a bad book, he will not read it, normally, unless he's being paid to review it.
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