a and b side in a sentence

  1. After the single's recording both the A and B side tracks were added to the album " Neu ! 2 ", which was released the following year.
  2. The Ireland division of Polydor gave the band a single release in 1974, the A and B sides were both penned by Gay and Terry but the single failed to chart.
  3. What it was I still don't know, but he'd have both the A and B side of a fight within his own stable and the winner moved up.
  4. Periodically over some weeks, the mercury would migrate to the point of contact of the blades, leaving a mercuric bead giving  ON and both A and B sides into service.
  5. The DVD case had two disc slots, one for the main videos, the other for the " History Mix " DVD from the " A and B sides " version of the album.
  6. It's difficult to find a and b side in a sentence.
  7. For the first release funk legends The New Mastersounds from Leeds, England were approached and DJ Gu produced and co-wrote an A and B side called " Give Me A Minute ".
  8. The bonus tracks consisted of the four songs from the bonus EP plus the A and B sides of their first three singles, including the US single version of " Teenarama " remixed by Craig Leon.
  9. Initially released in Germany, in 1979 it was re-released as an LP, comprising the original six tracks, " Victims of the Riddle " A and B sides and three tracks that were previously unavailable on vinyl.
  10. The album includes the A and B sides of Dexys Midnight Runners'three 1981 singles, three tracks recorded in session for Radio 1, and a live recording of a show in Dexys'" Projected Passion Revue " tour.
  11. The A and B side singles released were " I'd Wait A Million Years ", " Heaven Knows ", " Don't Remind Me ", " Walking Through The Country " and " Truck Drivin'Man ".
  12. Song-popularity counters told the owner of the machine the number of times each record was played ( A and B side were generally not distinguished ), with the result that popular records remained, while lesser-played songs could be replaced.
  13. While this loop is being played back, the audio signals for the A and B side ( or all 4 programs for 8-track ) are sent to a " slave " recorder or an audio bus that contains multiple " slaves ".
  14. He collaborated with Sandy Matlowsky and Sid Kuller on two original songs on his Tiger Records label in Los Angeles, California . " The Modfather " and " Keep America Beautiful " were the A and B sides of the vinyl 45 single release.
  15. Four of the songs were released on Kissin'Cousins ", were reissued as the A and b sides respectively of catalogue item 47-8657 in August 1965, " I'm Yours " also peaking on the chart at # 11.
  16. The tracks " Streetfight " and " Unbeliever " ( intended to be the A and B sides on a 7 " which never made it past the test pressing stage ) were included on the German version of the album as tracks 8 and 12, respectively.
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