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  1. There, they have access to a range of the latest gear as well as analog equipment for music production and performance.
  2. Audio filters can be implemented in analog circuitry as analog filters or in DSP code or computer software as digital filters.
  3. MediaTek-based Chinese cell phones often come with features not common to North American phones, such as analog television viewing and recording.
  4. The protocols and methodologies are tested in regions of the Earth that serve as analogs for conditions found on other planets.
  5. An "'analog computer "'is a form of computer that uses the continuously changeable aspects of physical phenomena such as analog noise.
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  7. In conventional hearing aids, known as analog models, the sound is converted to an electrical signal but never to a digital one.
  8. But it also provides a striking example of how the digital world is redefining businesses as analog as a double decaf macchiato.
  9. Olympus has a well-deserved reputation for making top-notch digital as well as analog cameras, and these two lived up to their heritage.
  10. These quasi-natural forests are designed to mimic the structural and functional aspects of indigenous forests and are referred to as analog forests.
  11. It specialized in high technology devices such as analog computer controlled bomb sights, airborne radar systems, and automated take-off and landing systems.
  12. :The Long Now Foundation's Rosetta Project hopes to address this, using data etched ( as analog pictures ) onto nickel alloy disks.
  13. Observing graded synaptic transmission in the retina, Mead became interested in the potential to treat transistors as analog devices rather than digital switches.
  14. We continue to believe we are gaining share in important markets such as analog audio, DVD video controllers and in video compression technology.
  15. The digital signal will not fade into a ghost-haunted snowstorm, as analog signals do when they travel too far from the transmitter tower.
  16. A bigger push into digital, which uses three to four times the amount of silicon as analog, could offer some relief, analysts said.
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