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  1. Sounds and images start out as analog data.
  2. Many existing transmitters can be easily modified to send digital signals as well as analog, he added.
  3. The digital compact cassette, or DCC, uses cassette tapes that are the same size as analog cassettes.
  4. Digital converters have the same purpose as analog ones but are able to receive digital cable signals.
  5. Eventually, WYME ( a Class A analog repeater of WMYG ) became a separate station and joined MeTV.
  6. It's difficult to find a analog in a sentence.
  7. The fad of analyzing mental processes as analogs to computer functioning ( human informatin processing ) is passe.
  8. It is a analog of phenylpiracetam.
  9. However, it also involves analog cable conversion to digital cable, as well as analog to digital satellite television.
  10. In 2004, KPLC began broadcasting in digital as well as analog with the launch of KPLC ( DT ).
  11. *Note : the question is as analog as asking if Alicia Esteve Head is a 9 / 11 survivor.
  12. Consumers won't willingly buy CDMA phones until their price drops to the same level as analog phones, he said.
  13. It is larger and heavier than most DV camcorders, but about the same size and heft as analog 8-mm cameras.
  14. Barlage said TI could benefit by packaging digital signal processors with related equipment such as analog chips and micro controllers.
  15. This database may be updated by the user by downloading packages from component manufacturers, such as Analog Devices and others.
  16. There are definitely programs that will treat computer keyboards as analogs to piano keyboards, if that is what you are asking.
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