a alternate in a sentence

"a alternate" in Chinese  
  1. Many women were proposed as alternates, but few as actual candidates.
  2. Management responded by stripping Oates of his status as alternate captain.
  3. As alternate methods of travel across the Harbor were implemented, ferry transport diminished.
  4. Raj Bhavsar and 2000 Olympian Stephen McCain were selected as alternates.
  5. Two of them will be chosen as alternates when deliberations begin.
  6. It's difficult to find a alternate in a sentence.
  7. Compared to other techniques, such as alternate picking, sweep picking requires few strokes.
  8. Referee Dan Marouello and linesman Brian Murphy will serve as alternates.
  9. Four of them will be chosen as alternates when deliberations begin.
  10. Letting " ? " denote a alternating and hence a 2-form.
  11. This will be the case if B is a alternating form.
  12. Referee Ed Hochuli and Neil Gereb will serve as alternates.
  13. Since 1976, he also acted as alternate representative of Guatemala at the United Nations.
  14. Brad Richards and Marc Staal were named as alternate captains.
  15. CCBPI wrote the PBA to advise the appointment of Ronald Asuncion as alternate governor.
  16. Goudy gave the design a alternate characters ) inspired in part by uncial script.
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