a alternate in a sentence

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  1. Novak and Carlson retained their slots as alternating hosts on the right.
  2. This method treats the two halves of a measure as alternate forms.
  3. He, Mark Recchi and John LeClair had been serving as alternate captains.
  4. Six will serve on the jury and two will serve as alternates.
  5. Los Angeles and Seoul are frequently mentioned as alternate sites for 2004.
  6. It's difficult to find a alternate in a sentence.
  7. Three delegates supported by McCain were elected as alternates for that district.
  8. Lowe wears the " A " on his jersey as alternate captain.
  9. Rafalski also played in the 2010 Winter Olympics, serving as alternate captain.
  10. In addition to Thomas and Mack, six Browns'players were named as alternates.
  11. Some revivals return to Dwiggins'original design choices or offer them as alternates.
  12. A constant current systems, as well as alternating current, can be used.
  13. Other, more natural keys may also be identified and defined as alternate keys.
  14. Alexander was selected as alternate-at-large to the 1924 Republican National Convention.
  15. Chalom and Gates will serve as alternates, which left them elated.
  16. In addition, Trittin served as alternate member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
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