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  1. They include well-known names such as AOL and EBay, online ticket agencies Travelocity and Expedia, and some lesser-known names such as Alloy Online, Multex . com, Homestore . com and NextCard . com.
  2. Limited to 5200 examples ( 1500 in the UK ), it had a special black over silver two-tone paintjob and lots of " American-style " luxury equipment such as alloys and a plusher interior.
  3. Toyota says these range from appearance enhancements _ such as alloy wheels, carbon fiber appliques, sport pedals, shift knobs and interior lighting kits _ to underhood items such as cold air intakes and strut tower braces.
  4. 1 ) The  1986 United Technologies Special Award for contributing the development of high strength nickel based alloys ( known as Alloy Y ) used for increased fuel efficiency of F-15 & F-16 fighter engines.
  5. The investigation, which began Nov . 13, carries the possibility of extra duties being imposed on hot-rolled flat-rolled carbon steel products from those countries but steels regarded as alloys are excluded from scrutiny, according to the commission.
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  7. Soon afterwards, a 2 % manganese and 2 % iron alloy now known as alloy C71640 was introduced for a UK power station which needed better erosion resistance because the levels of entrained sand in the seawater.
  8. The words " solid state " in solid state sintering simply refer to the state the material is in when it bonds, solid meaning the material was not turned molten to bond together as alloys are formed.
  9. The car was differentiated from the division's New Yorker sedan by its bucket leather seats ( the New Yorker had a bench seat ) and standard features such as alloy wheels that were options on the New Yorker.
  10. Because it is still so early, a Honda spokesman said, prices have not been set, but they are expected to range from $ 24, 000 for the base model, the LX, to $ 25, 500 for the EX, which adds such fripperies as alloy wheels, map lights and body-colored side moldings.
  11. In this respect, all of the various forms of an alloy containing only two constituents, like iron and carbon, is called a " binary system, " while all of the alloy combinations possible with a ternary alloy, such as alloys of iron, carbon and chromium, is called a " ternary system ".
  12. Additionally, SAMSON AG and its associated companies VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH, Pfeiffer Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH, LEUSCH GmbH and CERA SYSTEM Verschlei遱chutz GmbH offer technologies for severe requirements : e . g . abrasive and contaminated fluids, high shutdown pressures, lowest interior and exterior leak rates, quick-action, on-off, and control functions, as well as alloys like Monel, Hastelloy, titanium, zirconium, duplex, etc.
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