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  1. They are tabulated for common materials such as alloys, composite materials, ceramics, plastics, and wood.
  2. These are most often used as alloys.
  3. Combining different ratios of metals as alloys modifies the properties of pure metals to produce desirable characteristics.
  4. The "'Rancho X "'was the upscale model, with additional standard items such as alloy wheels and metallic paint.
  5. Some by-products of mining have added value in their use as alloys in industries such as aerospace and ceramics.
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  7. In accordance with the industrial requirement, the solid materials such as alloys, semiconductors, multilayer materials, and so on, have been widely fabricated.
  8. Conversely, otherwise pure-metals that simply contain unwanted impurities are often called " impure metals " and are not usually referred to as alloys.
  9. Plastic Army men _ rejuvenated by Walt Disney Pictures'1995 " Toy Story " _ originated as alloy figures in Europe in the late 1800s.
  10. During historic times, the molten metal was a alloy of five metals : gold, silver, copper, zinc and lead, known as " Panchaloha ".
  11. The Surf Aston Martin Edition was manufactured with features found on Aston Martin sports cars, such as alloy wheels, suede seats and an Alcantara leather handle.
  12. Also part of the Dearborn modernization will be a new hot-dip galvanizing Line which will include controls for coating thickness and surface texture as well as alloy and phase control.
  13. Molybdenum contributes corrosion resistance to type-300 stainless steels ( specifically type-316 ) and especially so in the so-called superaustenitic stainless steels ( such as alloy AL-6XN, 254SMO or 1925hMo ).
  14. Additionally, owing to restrictions on rolling higher grades, such as alloy and stainless steel, most of the mini steel mills are confined to obsolete technology and an uneconomic product mix.
  15. The eutectic materials and optional adhesion layers are usually approached by deposition as alloy in one layer by dual component electroplating, dual-source evaporation ( physical vapor deposition ) or composite alloy sputtering.
  16. In certain markets, certain exterior colors are not available and identification may require noticing subtle local differences such as alloy wheels, spoilers or dealer fit options such as in car entertainment systems.
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