a air in a sentence

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  1. It lacked a number of modern conveniences, such as air conditioning.
  2. Mubarak earned nationwide fame as air force commander during the war.
  3. The airport has a air cargo center on the southwest side.
  4. Previously known as Air, it is the first ever flying coaster.
  5. There are also such contemporary amenities as air-conditioning and laptop hookups.
  6. It's difficult to find a air in a sentence.
  7. But as air time approached, they all had to check their ethical radar.
  8. During World War II the tunnel served as air raid shelter.
  9. Light as air and calculating _ this year's aural guilty pleasure.
  10. Meteorologists also said humidity would increase as air moved onshore from the Pacific.
  11. They also can operate as Air Traffic Controllers ( ATC ).
  12. information on xenalights as a air cooling technology  Preceding contribs)
  13. As air travel grew last year, the company failed to hire.
  14. It said those who qualified would be recruited as air police.
  15. The fires cause water as well as air pollution, he said.
  16. We connect over things as insubstantial and as necessary as air.
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