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  • 空气
  • air:    n. 1.空气,大气。 2.天空,空 ...
  • air in:    供给空气; 空气进口
  • air on:    送入空气; 送入压缩空气
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  1. Study of indoor air quality of a air - conditioning room with displacement ventilation
  2. Study on analysis and control for vibration and noise source in a air - conditioner of window
  3. If the monitor in the opened position is close to a air - conditioning outlet , the outlet should be closed
  4. Mom of spider said : “ even though honey bee is a bit noisier , but she is at least a air stewardess
    蜘蛛的妈妈说: “蜜蜂是吵了一点,但人家好歹也是个空姐。 ”
  5. Compared with the previous version , added the prompt for 6q0 - 909 - 605 - a air bag control computer
    与前一版本相比新增了零件号码为6q0 - 909 - 605 - a的气囊控制电脑提示信息。

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