a air in a sentence

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  1. Addicts scoff at those efforts, for heroin is as available as air.
  2. He eventually retired from the service as a Air Commodore in 1978.
  3. He commanded two Sea Harrier Squadrons as well as Air Station Hansa.
  4. External software reprogrammability allowed upgrades without costly retrofit as air threats evolved.
  5. Another new feature includes such common terms as air-conditioning and word processor.
  6. It's difficult to find a air in a sentence.
  7. It must also address other areas of vulnerability, such as air cargo.
  8. For example, they understandably fear losing market share as air traffic increases.
  9. Allowances exist for use of duct dampers as air transfer fire dampers.
  10. College teams such as Air Force have employed the triple option scheme.
  11. _Public utilities such as air traffic control, irrigation management and sewage treatment;
  12. Sanchez thinks water quality is as big an issue as air quality.
  13. Increased safety measures are needed as air traffic to Africa has boomed.
  14. He was posted to HQ NAF as Air Officer Inspections in 1991.
  15. As air traffic controller, he notified the pilots that the radar was down.
  16. Airlines such as Air New Zealand complain of excessive landing charges.
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