a advanced in a sentence

"a advanced" in Chinese  
  1. He was later transferred to the Class-A Advanced San Jose Giants.
  2. Japanese sub detection gear was not as advanced as that of some other nations.
  3. The hardscaping has become as advanced as the plant choices.
  4. Companies such as Advance Auto Parts want to tap into that burgeoning labor pool.
  5. Vaccine research just isn't as advanced, and no clear developmental path has been established.
  6. It's difficult to find a advanced in a sentence.
  7. Then came a low whistle, a signal from a smuggler acting as advance man.
  8. The P-40s were relegated to use as advanced pilot trainers.
  9. It was designated as Advanced Landing Ground " Y-42 ".
  10. Sim髇 was assigned to the A Advanced San Jose Giants.
  11. As advanced seafarers, they navigated every corner of the Earth.
  12. It was designated as Advanced Landing Ground " R-68 ".
  13. This level of care is known as Advanced Life Support.
  14. Not as advanced, but probably adequate, " he said Thursday.
  15. Tokyo stocks rose moderately in early trading Friday following a advance on Wall Street.
  16. Mobile phone shares rose, as Advanced Info Service Plc gained 22 baht to 498.
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