a advanced in a sentence

"a advanced" in Chinese  
  1. Dharma Field offers foundational Buddhist studies as well as advanced courses.
  2. Already obsolete, they were used as advanced trainers by the Finns.
  3. Gillies began the season with the Class-A Advanced High Desert Mavericks.
  4. "We recognize that our manufacturing techniques are not as advanced as other countries',"
  5. They see Plotinus as advancing a tradition of thought begun by Plato himself.
  6. It's difficult to find a advanced in a sentence.
  7. Declines were tempered as Advanced Micro Devices Inc . reported better-than-expected first-quarter earnings.
  8. It was a moderate success and Hibbert received ?0 as advance for it.
  9. But none of those projects is considered as advanced as Vaxgen's.
  10. The question, as advanced by Schmidt and Ashburn, was : Is anybody listening?
  11. He spent the season with the single-A advanced San Jose Giants.
  12. There are more ways not quite as advanced, others not yet proved unsuitable.
  13. These dinosaurs belong to a group of two-legged predators known as advanced theropods.
  14. Kaaihue split between the Single-A Advanced Wilmington Blue Rocks and Wichita.
  15. But as advanced as the Necrontyr were, theirs was not a utopian civilization.
  16. As advance word of the new American approach leaked out, Havana reacted warily.
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