a adjective in a sentence

  1. Carhart, an expatriate American, joins the tiny company of foreigners who have written of the French as verbs, as opposed to the very large number who have written of them as adjectives and nouns.
  2. When modifying a noun or verb, they function as adjectives or adverbs, respectively, but they may also be used as main verbs equivalent to English " be + " adjective " ".
  3. Long vowels are shortened, and short vowels raise when the word is preceded by morphemes such as adjectives, demonstrative articles, prefixes and the like; the changes also occur within words when these are suffixed:
  4. I analyse them as adjectives ( formed from verbs, yes, but adjectives nonetheless ) used in the same way as " tall " in " the tree is " tall " ".
  5. The layering within paragraphs of simple, direct sentences, the characters sketched as much by action as adjectives and the sense of a strong story told boldly and directly has not been equaled by any modern American writer.
  6. It's difficult to find a adjective in a sentence.
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