a adjective in a sentence

  1. A class of words that describe properties or states have been described either as adjectives or as stative verbs.
  2. In terms of their use as adjectives-is there any difference between'ismlamic'and'muslim '?
  3. APEC's formal name is Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, often described as adjectives in search of a noun.
  4. Another common way to derive new words is reduplication, which can derive nouns, as well as adjectives and verbs.
  5. Writers pile noun upon noun, using them as adjectives to modify some original hapless noun long since lost in the shuffle.
  6. It's difficult to find a adjective in a sentence.
  7. There are some words that can be used as adjectives but are not inflected, such as " Jerusalemer Kreuz ).
  8. As much of the research focused on the respondent s reaction to words classified as adjectives or descriptors, survey efficiency evolved.
  9. Grammatical modifiers, such as adjectives, normally follow the nouns they modify by using the ezfe, but they occasionally precede nouns.
  10. Forms like " sufficiente " are often used as adjectives, under the influence of similar forms in the source languages.
  11. Yes, we see that " good Will Hunting " can be read as adjective plus name, like good King Wenceslas.
  12. Neuter demonstratives, because of their use, are never used as adjectives, which makes it unnecessary for them ever to take an accent.
  13. There are also small areas in Jutland where predicate adjectives as well as adjectives in indefinite noun phrases have gender congruence in the neuter form.
  14. It does say that bibliothec, bibliothecal, bibliothecary, and bibliothetic can all be used as adjectives for belonging / pertaining to a library.
  15. Can you use nouns from other declensions as adjectives, remembering that each of them lacks at least one gender for the purpose of inflection.
  16. Possessive determiners may be modified with an adverb, as adjectives are, although not as freely or as commonly as is the case with adjectives.
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