a acute in a sentence

  1. Industrialization ( led by the petroleum industry ) made the problem as acute in Mexico as elsewhere.
  2. Depending on the sensation associated with neuropathic pain, it may be considered as acute or chronic.
  3. Three months into the season, the legs are not as spry, the focus not as acute.
  4. Red deer are an exception, and in them the disease may be as acute as in sheep.
  5. The concentration of ferritin has been shown to increase in response to stresses such as acute phase protein.
  6. It's difficult to find a acute in a sentence.
  7. The humanitarian situation was not as acute in the other nations bordering Rwanda, though still very challenging.
  8. A sudden onset of life-threatening hepatic insufficiency is known as acute liver failure ( ALF ).
  9. The problem is as acute for four-letter domains, where there are 3.45 million combinations.
  10. But if that is their post-referendum dilemma, it is not as acute as Britain's.
  11. Why waving flags and pools of charity were almost nonexistent for them when their pain was just as acute.
  12. Yeltsin, 64, was admitted to the hospital July 11 for what was described as acute heart condition.
  13. But the issue of corporate privacy is at least as acute among European executives as those in North America.
  14. Kuwabara has a very advanced sixth sense, though not as acute as his older sister Shizuru's.
  15. The problem is not as acute in Northeastern states because unions are strong and salaries tend to be more competitive.
  16. The Russian leader was admitted to the hospital for what was described as acute pain related to his heart disease.
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