a acute in a sentence

  1. Doctors gave the cause as acute pulmonary infection.
  2. Yeltsin was admitted to the hospital for what was described as acute heart pain.
  3. The need for administrators remained just as acute.
  4. This is referred to as acute urinary retention, and is a medical emergency.
  5. The problem is again as acute as ever.
  6. It's difficult to find a acute in a sentence.
  7. Silver is just as acute and surprising in dealing with the decline in fairy popularity.
  8. The problem is not as acute elsewhere.
  9. Information gained during recent epidemics suggests that chikungunya fever may result in a acute illness.
  10. Mutations in this gene are a cause of Noonan syndrome as well as acute myeloid leukemia.
  11. Increased sensitivity may present as acute, rapid-onset headaches and / or asthma attacks.
  12. But he will heal up, where the pain is not as acute as it is now.
  13. Networks were looking to work together to cut costs _ pressures that are just as acute today.
  14. The nilgai has sharp ears and eyes, though its sense of smell is not as acute.
  15. In spite of this, servicemembers still developed health problems, such as acute cases of asthma.
  16. The vertical axis is defined as acute angle between Fourier transformed lattice fringes or electron diffraction spots.
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