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  1. The Orange Bowl had the next pick after the Fiesta Bowl pairing, and # 3 ( # 5 BCS ) Iowa was chosen.
  2. The Orange Bowl had the next pick after the Fiesta Bowl pairing, and No . 3 ( # 5 BCS ) Iowa was chosen.
  3. However, in 5 BC Antipater was brought before Publius Quinctilius Varus, then Roman governor of Syria, charged with the intended murder of his father Herod.
  4. Josephus records that she was at the palace with Doris, Antipater's mother, in support of her husband during his trial before Varus in 5 BC.
  5. Chinese records note a bright star in the east at that location in 5 BC, the year that some scholars think Jesus was born, Kidger said.
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  7. Diodorus Siculus mentions that Kroton besieged Sybaris again in 476 / 5 BC . The Sybarites appealed to the tyrant Hiero I of Syracuse for help.
  8. Ussher chose 5 BC as Christ's birth year Thus, for the gospel of Matthew to be correct, Jesus could not have been born after that date.
  9. The event in 5 BC most closely resembles the description given in the eulogy, but the date of her death is simply not ascertainable with any certainty.
  10. After the national championship was set, the Orange Bowl had the next pick, and invited # 3 ( # 5 BCS ) Iowa from the Big Ten.
  11. Paetus was the son of Publius Caesennius Paetus, born c . 5 BC, a Tarquinian Italian; paternal grandson of Caesennius, born c . 40 BC; and great-grandson of Lucius Caesennius Lento.
  12. He was the son of Claudius Pulcher, born c . 30 AD, and wife, grandson of Claudius Pulcher, born c . 5 BC, and wife, and great-grandson of Appius Claudius Pulcher and wife.
  13. He also found that Jupiter and Saturn, two planets that at times appear as very bright stars, were close together three times in the night sky in the seven months before March of 5 BC.
  14. Sophocles died at the age of ninety or ninety-one in the winter of 406 / 5 BC, having seen within his lifetime both the Greek triumph in the Persian Wars and the bloodletting of the Peloponnesian War.
  15. Two conventional dates were 1830 + /-60 B . P . [ calibrated date of AD 70 to 370 ] and 1920 + /-50 B . P . [ calibrated date of 5 BC to 225 AD ].
  16. A . According to astrophysicist Mark Kidger, author of the recently published " The Star of Bethlehem, " the wise men probably saw a nova, the birth of a new star, in 5 BC . His theory isn't new.
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