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  • Ⅰ动词
    (邮寄; 邮汇) post; mail Phrases
    1.(有关邮政业务的) postal; mail Phrases
    2.(驿站) post
    3.(姓氏) a surname Phrases


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  1. Ten letters that belong in 10 particular envelopes are scrambled and stuffed and mailed at random .
  2. He had heard young mont call his father a pig-headed morning poster reader-disrespectful devil .
  3. The ordinary man, as the saturday evening post has discovered, thinks in concrete images, anecdotes, pictures, and parables .
  4. In the event, salt was well received by many of nixon's old nemeseswith the washington post and the new york times leading the applause .
  5. Win - win co - operation , trains telecom ' s security people

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