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Pronunciation:   "窃" Chinese meaning   "窃" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ动词
    (偷) steal; pilfer Phrases
    (暗中; 偷偷 地) secretly; surreptitiously; furtively Phrases
    [书面语] (谦指自已) i Phrases


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  1. The inspector asked the old lady to try to check what was missing by the next day .
  2. Nothing but gross negligence on the people's side who were robbed, could have made them successful .
  3. If the file were stolen and got into the hands of an unscrupulous rival firm, the designs could easily be copied .
  4. Love of his own opinions often obscured the truth in roosevelt's mind and caused him to think that he was above the law and ordinary conventions .
  5. The stolen meat was worth up to $ 88 , 000 , he said

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