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  • Ⅰ动词
    1.(完成; 成功) accomplish; succeed Phrases
    2.(成为; 变为) become; turn into Phrases
    3.(成全) help complete Phrases
    4.(可以, 能行) all right; o.k.: 成 ! 就这么办吧。 all right. let's do it that way.; o.k. go ahead. 你不去可不成。 no, you must go.
    1.(有能力的) able; cap+More...
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  1. Jon screwed his features into a scowl .
  2. He built an altar of smooth stones .
  3. Tall trees arched across the river .
  4. His failure has been the making of him .
  5. Strongbow thus became king of leinster .

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