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[ sì ] Pronunciation:   "嗣" Chinese meaning   "嗣" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ动词
    (接续; 继承) succeed; inherit Phrases
    1.(子孙) heir; descendant Phrases
    2.(姓氏) a surname Phrases


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  1. In church the nurse cursed the people pursuing the purple purse
    诮烫美?护士诅?淞俗非笞仙? ? ?娜
  2. Childless lords sat in aged halls , musing on heraldry . .
    的君主们坐在陈旧的宫殿中沉思着纹章学. .
  3. The child is now the third in line to the chrysanthemum throne
  4. Brief excavation report of sun chengsi ' s couple joint tomb of tang dynasty abstract
  5. Lots of people want real talent

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