不同项目 in a sentence

  1. The olympiad held in 776bc in athens is considered the first of ancient greece , and consisted of one stadium race . from 648bc olympic programmes featured up to 23 different events
  2. If you decide to code the user interface in a different project , then you must add the dll that contains the user interface to the global assembly cache , in addition to the dll that contains the code
  3. Carrying out an inspection once in a long while , for example , the seven years suggested previously , might not fit in with the life cycle of the various items that have to be inspected
  4. If you work with multiple projects in one project file or often have projects with links to external tasks , adding a project code prefix can help you distinguish tasks from different projects
  5. This means that firms with offices in both places can actually work twenty - four hours on certain types of projects . this can bring important benefits for firms in information technology and the financial services
  6. 不同项目造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  7. A team project is created in a namespace containing only tools and artifacts relevant to the software project ; therefore a common filter is created which can relate different artifacts from different tools
  8. In addition , the project file format enables developers to author re - usable rules that can be factored into separate files so that builds can be done consistently across different projects within their product
  9. Key to success for any project is addressing and understanding cultural and language differences of vendors overseas , as well as having local staff intimately involved in communications among different project and development groups
  10. We have formulated our mission statement , which is published below , and in addition to on - going work on a variety of projects , we are in the process of creating a website which will be added to the existing interpol website
    同时,我们也致力推行地域平等推选代表的原则。除目前进行中的各个不同项目外,更在国际刑警网址另增设网址,发表我们的使命宣言(如下述) 。
  11. In addition , the project file format enables developers to author re - usable build rules that can be factored into separate files so that builds can be performed consistently across different projects within their product
  12. The thesis focuses on summarizing the distinctive features of project financing , comparing the ways of project financing between home and abroad and analyzing the ways of project financing in different project and different stage of the project
  13. Monthly academy and quarterly sharing : finance trainees , hr trainees , operation trainees and commercial trainees … when gathering together , you will find so many common topics and spurt intelligent ideas
  14. This method can be used to quantitatively assess the present safety state of different enterprises or different project in enterprise , which is very helpful to the promotion of the scientization and standardization of enterprises ' safety management
  15. With an excellent service team and a production factory as big as 6 , 000 square meters in pudong district , we are able to implement different kinds of projects at the same time , and provide one - stop - shop service covering planning , design , production and execution
  16. There can be dependencies between two or more stand - alone projects . for instance , you might want to ensure that a resource assigned to tasks in two different projects would n ' t have to work on both projects at the same time . you ' d want to make sure that one task did n ' t start until the other is finished
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