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lacustrine basin in Chinese

How to pronounce "lacustrine basin""lacustrine basin" in a sentence
  • 湖成盆地
  • Sequence stratigraphic framework and the distribution model of stratigraphic traps in songliao deep water lacustrine basin
  • The basin tectonic model : it is intermont basin during late jurassic to early cretaceous , developed into faulted - lacustrine basin in eogene , and evolved into depression in neogene and quaternary
  • Apart from in lacustrine basins in eastern china , sequence stratigraphic geochemistry is of especially important significance in source rock evaluation in some basins of western china , where only a few wells were drilled , and insufficient source rock cores are available
  • Erlian basin is a rift lacustrine basin developed on the hercynian geosyncline folded base in early cretaceous , is featured by simple sedimentary feature , depositional cycle , small lacustrine transgressive , dry climate , salinization lacustrine water and multi - and - near sources
  • Terrestrial sediments consist mainly of fluvial and lacustrine facies have the following characteristics : lacustrine basins have undergone a long continuous and fast subsidence and contain many terrestrial source rock sequences ; sedimentary facies of terrestrial basins are deposited in a ring formation . the best source beds are the continental source beds which contain dark shale
  • Linnan sub - depression which is mesozoic and cenozoic faulted lacustrine basin is located in the southwestern part of huimin sag , depression of jiyang . it is dominated by lacustrine - fill sub - depression . based on well logs , three - dimension seismic profiles , cores and other basic data , 10 horizons including 6 turnaround surfaces and 4 maximum flooding surfaces are defined from es3 to the lower part of es2 formation , and 1 long - term and 5 intermediate - term base - level cycles which are named from c5 to c1 could be identified , and then the chronostratigraphic framework of the sub - depression is built
    本文以岩心、钻井、测井、地震资料为基础,在下第三系沙三段沙二下的一个长期基准面旋回(二级层序)内部识别出10个有时间地层对比意义的界面,包括6个基准面下降到上升的转换面(层序界面) , 4个基准面上升到下降的转换面(湖泛面) ,划分出c1 - c5五个中期基准面旋回,建立了等时地层格架地层格架。
  • After have systematically studied sequence stratigraphy of chagan depression , a analysis method of high precision sequence stratigraphic framework in fault - depressed lacustrine basin . the core of the establishing framework is exploration - significant identify of sequence , division of 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 grades sequence and analysis of base - level based on lithologic log or well - logging , high - resolution seismic inversion constrained to well data . then using the results of 2d seismic data , and interpret sequence to enhance the precision of interpretation
  • In the condensed sections analysis , the concept of water - bearing lacustrine basin condensed sections and non - water - bearing basin condensed sections are firstly put forward , and have been described their features of lithology , mineral and geophysics , and have been predicted their distribution . meantime , this paper has studied the geochemical characters of source rocks , and contrast betwee
  • From studies of these characteristics of structures , palaeontology , drilling , well logging , seismic profile , salt chemistry and lacustrine sedimentary system , it is recognized that the new characteristics occur in of section pukou and in huaiyiri sag , and the huge thickness of salt rocks is formed by the crust salt materials upwelling along deep fracture in the form of hot bittern and entering lacustrine basin in this area
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