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field situation in Chinese

How to pronounce "field situation""field situation" in a sentence
  • 现场情况
  • 油田位置, 油田情况
  • We will limit ourselves to the general concentration scheme under field situation .
  • Soil quality - effects of pollutants on earthworms - part 3 : guidance of the determination of effects in field situations iso 11268 - 3 : 1999
  • Soil quality - biological methods - effects of pollutants on soil fauna - effects of pollutants on earthworms - guidance on the determination of effects in field situations
  • Finally , the duality between the gravitational radiation and the electromagnetic radiation is researched because of the similarity between them in the weak field situation
  • Uses and traits of three - dimensional gis were fully comprehended and contrasted , and we completed simulation display and real time information search . flow field situation can be seen through flying route and figures from different direction . raising visibility and simulation level is beneficial to promote the advance of navigation lock hydraulics
  • Equivalent node load can well simulate the effect of prestressing force , and the lost of prestressing force can be well considered by dividing it into two sort . according as the field situation , three - dimensional model was set up to analyze the stress state during building pylons of wenhui bridge with degenerated solid elements
  • The design had friend human - computer interfaces to monitor the field situation , realized the high precision temperature control with the pid - fuzzy control method , realized the high precision control for motor combining plc with closed - loop control and tension - monitor on - line of variable frequency drives , avoid the hard border and overlapping yarn by four grades stroke modification and changing winding angle incessantly
  • Furthermore , shearing and tension tests were performed on grouted cable assemblies in order to simulate the field situation . compared with direct shear tests on coaxial cable , the experimental data were analyzed and valuable conclusions were proposed on the coming application of tdr technology in slope monitoring
  • The thesis includes following parts ? first , it describes haizhi company ’ s general condition , and specifies major problems in the company ’ s development process ; second , it utilizes enterprise strategic management analysis approach to make further analysis of the company ’ s internal and external environment , in the internal environment aspect , it mainly analyzes the company ’ s status quo , internal management , organizational structure , human resource and financial condition , etc . and in the external environment aspect , it mainly analyzed the field situation and the 5 factors concerning enterprise competitiveness ; third , based on the actual condition of the company ’ s internal and external environments , it puts forward the company ’ s development strategic idea and the company ’ s objectives at different stages ; fourth , it focuses on the company ’ s problems in development fulfillment ; fifth , it analyzes the assessment and control systems in the strategic implementation process ; and the final part is the conclusion
  • Based on aforesaid series methodological analyses and well field situation , a set of cap layer logging evaluation application program compiled by fortran and vb language was developed and connected on forward platform . the program has been successfully applied to the interpretation of the reservoir - seal combination more than 10 wells " information in the study well field and got anticipate effect
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