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zincite meaning

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  • Noun: zincite
    1. Native zinc oxide; a brittle, translucent mineral, of an orange-red colour

    Derived forms: zincites

    Encyclopedia: Zincite


  • More commonly, it occurs with willemite, calcite, and red zincite.
  • It occurs with mooreite, willemite, fluorite, hydrozincite, pyrochroite, zincite and rhodochrosite at Sterling Hill, New Jersey.
  • "' Zincite "'is the mineral form of zinc oxide ( dopants, and associated with willemite and franklinite.
  • Sonolite has been found in association with calcite, chlorite, franklinite, galaxite, manganosite, pyrochroite, rhodochrosite, tephroite, willemite, and zincite.
  • It is a rare secondary mineral formed by weathering of zinc-bearing slag, and is associated with native zinc, hydrocerussite, diaboleite, zincite and hydrozincite.
  • It occurs in association with : zincite, willemite, franklinite, rhodonite, jacobsite, diopside, gageite, bustamite, manganocalcite, glaucochroite, calcite, banalsite and alleghanyite.
  • It has been found in association with barite, barysilite, calcite, copper, franklinite, garnet, glaucochroite, hausmannite, jerrygibbsite, manganosite, pyrochroite, rhodochrosite, sonolite, spessartine, sussexite, tephroite, vesuvianite, willemite, and zincite.
  • One decade later, a study of kohl manufactured in Egypt and India found that a third of the samples studied contained lead, while the remaining two-thirds contained amorphous carbon, zincite, cuprite, goethite, elemental silicon or talc, hematite, minium, and organic compounds.

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