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zebra finch meaning

Synonyms of "zebra finch""zebra finch" in a sentence
  • According to a new study, when zebra finches like these fall asleep, the brain circuits that govern their vocal learning are broken down
  • Inbreeding causes early death ( inbreeding depression ) in zebra finch.
  • Maybe it was something one of the zebra finches said.
  • Among songbirds, the zebra finch is a one-hit wonder.
  • Zebra finches become less faithful to their partners when exposed to traffic noise.
  • Mr . and Mrs . B . live in my aviary with my zebra finches.
  • Male zebra finches begin to sing at puberty, while females lack a singing ability.
  • The Zebra Finch is perhaps one of the most easily understood examples of this among birds.
  • Nest sharing behavior is associated with increased V1aR expression in the VTA of newly paired zebra finches.
  • She develops computer software that simulates zebra finch song production by using thousands of finch brain scans.
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