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zea meaning

"zea" in a sentence
  • Medical application of zea mays beard
  • Effects of space conditions on ultrastructure of leave in maize zea mays l
  • Genetic analysis on four effects of seed traits in normal maize zea mays l
  • Effect of plant density and fertilization on high yield of mgize zea mays l
  • Effects of ce4 on micronucleus and mitosis in root tip cell of maize zea mays l
  • The detail from corn ( zea mays ) leaf shows parallel venation of the major veins
  • Formation of desiccation tolerance and germinability during development of zea mays l . seeds
  • Changes in radicle cell ultrastructure of germinated zea mays seeds during desiccation
  • Both fresh weight and dry weight of zea mays decreased with the increase of nacl concentration
  • And zea mays under nacl stress are non-stomatal factors . the fv / fm and fv / fo of salicornia bigelovii torr
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