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with costs meaning

"with costs" in a sentence

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  • [Law]
    A phrase appended to the order of a court that has the effect of awarding the costs of the proceedings to the successful party.


  • Usually the courts dismissed such claims with costs for the hotel.
  • In fact, you may not need to concern yourself with costs
  • Integrate mrp with cost absorption in cims
  • Responsible and conscious with cost . hardworking and honest
  • We are selling it with cost price
  • Familiar with cost analysis of machining \ foundry etc . technology
  • Resource sheet view, with cost table and all resources filter
  • Thus we can resolve the problems duly and it accords with cost-benefit rule
  • Temperature crack control design of the top wall in dwelling building with cost-in-place concrete roof
  • Resource usage view, with cost table and cost details displayed in the timescale
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