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wishing meaning

Synonyms of "wishing""wishing" in a sentence
  • She had, in a way, been wishing him dead.
  • He is dead and it is no use wishing him alive again.
  • There are more chickens on the market than people wishing to buy them.
  • He dawdled nervously toward the door, wishing to melt away.
  • Catherine wishing to keep up your acquaintance, i acquiesced--foolishly.
  • For my own part, i have been long wishing to wait upon your mother again.
  • We have got the bird's heart; now we must have the wishing mantle.
  • She had reasons for not wishing her husband to cross alexandra too openly.
  • Once more luther took up the narrative, speaking quickly as if wishing to have it done.
  • Linton, don't you recall your cousin, that you used to tease us so with wishing to see?
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