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wishing cap meaning

Synonyms of "wishing cap""wishing cap" in a sentence
  • Noun: wishing cap
    1. A magical cap that secures whatever one wishes for

    Derived forms: wishing caps

    Type of: cap

  • After a triple wedding, Rosalind suggested to Prigio that he could use the wishing cap and make himself no cleverer than anyone else.
  • Leno's first theatre appearance ( as distinguished from music hall ) was in pantomime in Liverpool in 1865, where he had a supporting part as a juvenile clown in " Fortunatus; or, The Magic Wishing Cap " alongside his parents, who appeared as " Mr and Mrs Leno  Comic Duettists ".
  • The plot of " Prince Prigio " begins with the introduction of a queen who does not believe in cap of darkness which would make him invisible, a wishing cap, a magic carpet, and also beauty, courage, and luck, but the last fairy decreed, " My child, you shall be too clever !"
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