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wishfulness meaning

"wishfulness" in a sentence
  • Merritt's euphony reveals the wishfulness of Schoenberg's conception.
  • It offers a much sounder foundation for US policy than sheer ideological wishfulness.
  • Some are even looking to Japan, although admittedly with a great degree of wishfulness.
  • Levi is properly skeptical about what seems a touch of wishfulness on the part of another thinking man.
  • But I don't, out of embarrassment for my wishfulness, for the United Nations and my country and their unfulfilled promises.
  • The disarray of inner-city families was not created by images on the screen and cannot be concealed by well-meant wishfulness or repaired by political pieties.
  • You hear the wishfulness in the voice of Mark Stephens, Santa Anita's vice president for marketing, when he describes the broader meaning of a Triple Crown bid.
  • A single visit to Dallas, Chretien suggested, with perhaps a bit of wishfulness, could mean he and the editorial boards would not have to visit with one another for a decade.
  • Cookbooks, like fashion, seem to appease wishfulness and the need for fantasy, that " one-day-I'll-buy-an-Armani " daydream.
  • Around that time, Ms . Ozick remarked, " My ambition for the play came from a wishfulness that the theater was a place for language, but language is taken for stasis.
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