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wishfully meaning

Synonyms of "wishfully""wishfully" in a sentence
  • Adverb: wishfully  wishfulee
    1. In a wishful manner
      "he wishfully indulged in dreams of fame"

    See also: wishful

  • Schiff writes wishfully in the program note to his own series .)
  • People were wishfully hoping and thinking that change will come.
  • He was thinking wishfully, or deluding himself altogether.
  • Always we have thought of them wishfully, according to our own ends.
  • Rival television executives, perhaps thinking wishfully, say they are not so sure.
  • It is important for Americans to think realistically, not wishfully, about the region.
  • And it is wishfully suggested that an anti-growth movement is asurge around the world.
  • Hart ( wishfully, perhaps ) thinks America may be getting more Latin, more European.
  • Too many people are thinking wishfully.
  • The Christina team at RCA wishfully likens her to Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston or Celine Dion.
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