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wishful thinker meaning

"wishful thinker" in a sentence
  • They are wishful thinkers.
  • But only wishful thinkers believe that combination will last forever.
  • Anyone who believes otherwise is hereby awarded the Wishful Thinker of the Year Award.
  • They got it right _ the players, the experts, even the wishful thinkers.
  • Clooney says reports of his being offered $ 2 million per episode are complete fabrications of wishful thinkers.
  • So, Republicans who think Democrats left the keys in the door on their way out may be wishful thinkers.
  • That's because Jets games have been sold out for years, with a long waiting list of wishful thinkers.
  • When Mr . Clinton addresses the subject, too many wishful thinkers on the other side of the Atlantic hear a bugle call.
  • Maybe it will be found in two days that people still prefer to stick to a witch doctor or to utopian wishful thinkers.
  • But the Knicks never chose the best supporting talent, and Ewing was never the leading man too many wishful thinkers claimed him to be.
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