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wild huntsman meaning

"wild huntsman" in a sentence
  • noun
      The leader of a Wild Hunt
  • The Wild Huntsman takes Fain out of this reality.
  • A Wild Huntsman appears in Red Robin # 3.
  • This transferred the bond with the Wild Huntsman and the compulsion to hunt to Shaw.
  • The Wild Huntsman is missing in action, having vanished in the seeming defeat of Fain.
  • The "'Wild Huntsman "'is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics.
  • A romantic relationship with Dorcas Leigh ( Wild Huntsman and Fain Y'Onia vanish from this reality.
  • A Wild Huntsman and his animals appears fighting with Enchantress, defeating them and transforming them into hounds.
  • He did not understand the commitment he was making to the Wild Huntsman and found himself compelled to hunt the lonely.
  • He returns to Bialya, along with Rising Sun and Wild Huntsman, who had awakened at the same time as he.
  • Instead of Dietrich as the Wild Huntsman, the Wunderer is placed in this role, and Dietrich defends the lady he is attacking.
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